About Me

I am Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Boston and an adjunct faculty at Azim Premji University in Bangalore, India.  I am also closely involved with the Institute for New Economic Thinking. I have been a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and a Post-Doctoral Scholar at Columbia University. I have a PhD in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

My research straddles several areas.

First-I work on macroeconomics, especially on issues of debt, balance sheets, the political economy of finance and central banking and macroeconomic policy choices. Much of my current work in macroeconomics is done in collaboration with J.W Mason.

Second, I work on income distribution and inequality. I have been particularly interested in classical approaches to distribution, focusing on returns to labor and capital and how this has changed over time. I have also worked on issues of wealth inequality, characterizing distributions using econophysics approaches and group based inequalities. I am currently involved, along with Sanjay Reddy in the Global Consumption and Income Project.

Third, I work on intellectual property, particularly as it pertains to pharmaceutical patents. Joseph Stiglitz and I have worked on several policy proposals in this regard.

Fourth, I have worked on the economics of power; in particular on the use of coercion in economic interactions. Much of this work has been in collaboration with Samuel Bowles.

I teach Money and Banking, Macroeconomics (at all levels), Microeconomics (Introductory and Intermediate) and Political Economy. I have developed a course on the Emerging Economies of Asia. I have also been closely involved with the CORE economics project.